About Us

Our Story

The name FYSEKO is inspired from the Greek word FYSEKO which means Natural. We are a bunch of natural skincare enthusiast inspired to create holistic skincare solution. Our formulators are professionally trained from international institutes to develop effective skincare products. We pay utmost care in ensuring that our formulation have maximum possible natural raw material ingredients and are sourced from genuine suppliers across the supply chain. We are committed to provide our customers with Holistic, Affordable and Genuine products. Our objective is to develop natural skincare products using ancient old Ayurveda with modern science and technology. We are focused on limited but most important products required in the daily skincare routine. All our products are AYUSH certified and manufactured in GMP certified manufacturing facility. None of our products contain SLS and Paraben. We love and respect animals and never test any of our products on them. We never use artificial colours and fragrances in any of our products hence all that beautiful look and smell is 100% natural. We need your encouragement to continue to serve the purpose of formulating natural skincare products. Thank you for your support.
Our Vision

To inspire and promote natural skincare

Our Mission

Holistic, Affordable and Genuine skincare with all natural ingredients


Vishal Singh - Marketing Advisor

Vishal Singh has been the brains behind building the digital footprint of Fyseko and has been an important part of the Fyseko team for building the website. He has 8 years of corporate experience before jumping to stat his own company Bits and Pixels for the last 3 years

Dr. V Suguna

She has extensive knowledge in Botany, Microbiology, Biotechnology, Genetics. Dr. Suguna holds a doctorate in Genetics and held different level scientist position over the last 15 years.


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